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In 1999, the making of a world-class running marathon in Akron had begun, but the idea for the event was seeded in 1985 when Akron businessman and community leader Steve Marks ran his first marathon in Columbus.  That experience gave him a first-hand view of the potential for a sporting event to boost community pride, involvement and unity, while also contributing to the health, quality of life and economic vitality of a community.  With the help of his wife Jeannine and the support of many others, Steve began his journey to establish the Akron Marathon.  In 2002, the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation was established and a year later, the Akron Marathon made its debut.  

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Welcome to the Official Merchandise Store of the Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation. We offer a wide selection of Brooks running apparel, t-shirts, accessories, and gifts to outfit your runner.

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